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World Congress of Gastroenterology Montreal, Canada2006


Axcan planned to make its first presentation of data for a new blockbuster drug in development, and so expectations were very high. But there was a serious problem brewing. Attendance of the event was projected to be down more than 30% from previous WCOG conferences, due to a scheduling conflict with the American Conference of Gastroenterology Annual Conference being held in Hawaii.



Commotion was asked to develop a plan to increase attendance at the WCOG, specifically by US gastroenterologists (GEs). We also planned to Dominate the conference to ensure a packed house for the presentation of the Axcan new drug data.

We created a DOMIN8 plan that ensured American GEs knew about the WCOG meeting and made it a priority on their fall calendar.

A three-wave, direct-mail campaign targeted all east coast GEs three months prior to the meeting.

We recommended and facilitated a major WCOG awareness program at the Digestive Disease Week conference in Chicago, the biggest gastroenterology conference of the year. We recruited and trained three Montreal WCOG ambassadors who manned the booth and provided information about the WCOG. The ambassadors were multilingual, allowing us to deliver information in English, Spanish, French and German.

As WCOG delegates arrived at Montreal’s international airport, they were immediately made aware of the Axcan symposia presentations through the use a massive multimedia campaign that included in-airport TV advertising, posters and baggage carrousel displays. In addition, as they left the airport more posters greeted the delegates in the taxi/limo waiting areas as well as on the way into Montreal. On-site, a fleet of mobile billboards covered the downtown core, cruising by all major hotels and parking areas near the conference center entrance areas. Every major hotel handed out room keys that featured the Axcan symposia schedule. We also created a traditional presence at the conference site, using the conference publication and posters.



WCOG attendance exceeded expectations and fell short of previous WCOG meetings by just 10% as opposed to the 30% projected. MOST IMPORTANTLY, both Axcan symposia meetings were filled beyond capacity.

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Roche Diagnostics Division & Product Portfolio


The centralized diagnostics division is the biggest of the four that make up the DIAGNOSTICS GROUP called Roche LHRS. After dominating the hospital lab diagnostics market for five years, from 1997-2002, the division had seen a three-year decline in their position. It had sunk to the point where customers felt that Roche was no longer actively engaged. New management wanted the situation turned around, fast, but felt limited by international marketing/branding guidelines.



Commotion Communications was engaged in early summer 2006 and immediately went into action on two fronts. To start, we prepared a launch campaign for the first important new product out of Roche’s diagnostics pipeline in two years. We spearheaded a three-month DOMIN8 planning process that netted the results everyone was looking for. The DOMIN8 plan clarified why Roche was perceived as “MIA”, and provided a compelling new brand positioning that could live within the constraints of the international branding guidelines. And, while we were all working on the DOMIN8 communications plan for 2007 we successfully launched a new product in fall of 2006.

Prior to 2007 deployment, the new programs were presented to the sales group at the National Sales Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Commotion presented two workshops that helped the sales people understand the importance of the new branding effort and trained them in how to use the new tools that were about to be provided to them.

The new brand positioning campaign launched in early summer of 2007.



Most successful National Sales Meeting in group history.
8% increase in sales in 2007.
Clear brand image in market.
Customers applauding the program.
Sales people and managers enthusiastic again.

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