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When you dominate, you get noticed. When you get noticed, you get more business opportunities. Big or small, rich or poor, you can dominate. It really comes down to choosing the where, the when and the how.

Dominating an entire category 12 months of the year is the luxury mega-brands can enjoy. The rest of us need to work a lot smarter and dominate where it most matters to our brand.

A few examples: Dominate a sub-segment of a category. Dominate one major medical conference of the year. Be the dominating directresponse brand, or the dominating CME brand. There are many ways you can choose to dominate, but when you strategically focus your brand on a specific message, delivered at very specific times and places, you can dominate. And when you do, you will be noticed and you will reap more business opportunities.

Commotion’s communications planning system–DOMIN8–is an 8-step process that creates a foundation of knowledge.

Domin8 List

  1. Your Market
  2. Your Competition
  3. Your Customer
  4. You (Brand comprised of product/company components)
  5. Your Destination (Your business objectives)
  6. Your Mantra (What to say about your brand to your customers)
  7. Your Momentum Plan (The tactics we will deploy to get the message out)
  8. Your Results (A research plan designed to separate what works from what does not)